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本则设计(BASIC DESIGN),建立于2013年,致力于为一线开发商提供高品位室内及软装设计服务,在地产精品项目及文旅项目上均有不菲业绩。公司汇聚大批资历丰富、充满热情的专业设计人才,在设计中,以“崇尚自然、尊重传统,追溯本源,立意营造”作为设计理念,注重在承袭传统的基础上寻求本质根源,立意营造空间;在尊重地域文化精神和现代设计理性规律的基础上,实现精神与物质之间的价值最大化。五年来实现数以百计的设计作品,与万科、保利、中海、龙湖、中弘、金茂、凯德地产等结成了长期友好的战略合作关系。

Established in 2013, Basic Design is engaged in providing high-quality interior and soft decoration design services for top real estate developers, and it also has exceptional performance in boutique real estate projects as well as cultural tourism projects.Basic Design has attracted a large number of experienced professionals with great passion in design.In their design, the designers have been taking “advocating the natural ways, respecting traditions, retrospecting the origin, and pursuing creativity” as their design tenets. They have always been trying to seek the origin and essence of traditions on basis of inheriting them, so as to make innovations and design more creative spaces. In this case, value maximization is able to be realized both spiritually and physically while respecting both the regional cultures and the laws of modern design. During the recent five years, they have accomplished hundreds of design projects and the Company has maintained long-term and friendly strategic cooperative relationship with well-known real estate developers such as Vanke, Poly, China Overseas, Longfor, Zhonghong, Jinmao, and Capitaland etc.

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